Member. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! DEAR LINDA: When I lived in Las Cruces, N.M., before moving to the Bay Area, I had a cat named Andy, who was an indoor-outdoor cat. When I moved here, I was warned about the coyotes living in the hills behind my apartment, so Andy became an indoor cat. then the other day my husband seen him 2 houses away when my husband called his name he took off running into my neighbors garage. Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs. They may have got a bit confused and wandered from their usual route, or could have been taken under the wing of someone who had never seen your cat before, and thought they were lost. I've provided a lovely home for her. If your cat is lost, there are several things that you can do to guide him or her back home. If Cleo’s problem does … We have a new addition to the family which is a dog, first week cat was fine kept itself to itself up stairs. Related Articles Leave its favourite blanket or litter box outside to let the smell travel. One day she got out and stayed out for about two weeks until we were able to pick her up when we caught her sleeping. I heard her meow, … You can buy one or make your own. Does my Shih Tzu need a holiday sweater this winter? But I’ll tell you a story. Of course, you’re aware that cats are strongly attached to their independence and their territory. Get Morning Report and other email newsletters. Around Halloween, many cats go missing, particularly black cats, because they are kidnapped or harmed by humans. What animal has killed a dozen goats in the Los Gatos area? Forums Cat health and behaviour 22 10,838 ; Looking for some advice concerining my 15 year old (that's OAP status, right?) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), On record-setting day in US, California coronavirus cases reach new high, Why the Bay Area’s pets are behaving strangely, East Bay cops respond to burglary call, discover dozen raccoons brawling instead. Don't run. Make sure that it can access the house. It is not always a safe world out there, which is why you should keep an eye on your cat, even an outdoor cat who knows how to take care of himself, on a daily basis. First thing to do is calm down - your panicked energy can be felt by the cat and could stress her out and make her not want to come to you. Joan Morris is the pets & wildlife columnist for the Bay Area News Group. She didn't go out for the first 6 weeks but then she loved it. ----- To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email The first thing to do is to have a look in your shed or garage in case they have wandered in without you noticing, and got shut in. We've only had her a few months so she still doesn't really know the area too well. With some effort on your part, you can train yourself to watch for her when doors are opened. If you have pet insurance contact them to see if you are entitled with help advertising your lost pet. She goes outside but I keep her shut in at night. Have hummingbirds learned to negotiate a San Jose home? Put some of … Having spoken to his owners again they told me they have taken in a female stray cat but that was some weeks ago and they were getting on and it's not a problem . The two cats did not get along well, but they never really had a fight. It will help your cat if it lost its way. After 18 to 24 hours of being missing it is likely time to act as they may indeed be missing. “Cats don’t really differentiate between positive and negative attention, so if your cat really wants human contact, she’ll do something that gets it,” Nappier says. It's freezing as well. The cat might want to come home after a while. If and when she does come back in or we are able to catch her, should we just let her become inside/outside again? Why cats come and go. Do not say what this reward will be, as it can just be a box of chocolates, but it gives people an incentive to have a good look. She has since been indoors only and we have made a special effort to love her, give her little kitty treats a couple of times a day and generally just try to make her feel very loved. But she got out again last week, and while she is staying in our yard, she will not come back in. Dont put too much in the bowl, just enough for a little temptation, you dont want to encourage other cats. But they don't want us to feed/water her because the only time she does go home is for food and she's only gone maybe 5 mins. When an outdoor-access cat disappears, it means that something has happened to the cat to interrupt its behavior of coming home. Have hummingbirds learned to negotiate a San Jose home? All its instincts are to stay as invisible and away from danger as possible in order to survive. The boyfriend also has a tendency of scaring him off, or not leaving him alone when he's in the yard (he thinks it's funny). my cat has been missing for a few days now, about 4 days since last seen, he is 1½ years old and usually comes back at night or hungry, but I havent seen him come home AT ALL, I even stayed up 24h just to see him! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. All day and night. Get a rubbermaid type bin, cut a hole in the side (I'd probably put duct tape or something over the edges of the hole since they may be a bit sharp) and fill it with towels/soft/warm bedding. They may just be caught up or wandering, but can still be able to return easily enough. Click here to download a 'Missing Cat' poster Put them in your local vets and any newsagents or shops in the area. About two years ago, I spent Christmas and New years and a couple days after in the hospital. Others may travel miles to try to return home. My cat didn't come home last night (41 Posts) Add message | Report. If your cat isn’t eating, then it’s safe to say she’s found another source of food. But even though it has already happened before, it still gets you worried… The question is why does your little feline like to disappear? If we open our door she tries to make a break for it. At that point, we decided she should stay indoors. Cats are territorial and they do not just run away from home (like dogs do). Ask the neighbours to check their sheds and garages too, and ask them if they have seen your cat recently. He used to come home whenever i whistled or clapped. Any advice is appreciated. Just one day after I had brought Sammy home, I unlocked the flap to allow my Himalayan called Yasmin to come inside. You said that you feel that I cannot even stand being in the same room as you! What animal has killed a dozen goats in the Los Gatos area? He ran out of the house and has not come home all day. Cats can smell their litter box from miles away. Is it possible? For a time, he’d try to get out any open door he could find, but he eventually adjusted. We have a draft of a poster for you to put the details on of your missing cat. You might start putting out her favorite food, slowly moving the bowl with each feeding closer to the house until it — and she — is inside.

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